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Midnight Owl (8th Dec 22 at 2:05am UTC)
Kong Lize threw 5, 26-31. Looking back at 25 Gerry's Qian Ai and Wu Sheng, I don't know whether they are afraid of being caught up and have to carry out stationery PK, or they are looking forward to catching up, so that they can PK to avenge an arrow. 31 is a surprise, Kong Lize ushered in a wave of thunderstorms, he was almost blown into the water. Qian Ai is 6 squares away, not worried about being affected, enjoying the gap of thunderstorm, but also took a glance at Wu Sheng next to him. At this glance, he found Wu Sheng meditating on his arm. At first, he thought his strategist was looking at stationery, thinking about PK tactics, but his eyes fell on his arm, only to find that the other side was looking at the badge manual. Qian Ai patted his thigh in his heart, and he had forgotten the back of his head about the badge! But I can't blame him. Originally, his own team was not ready to break through today. Who knew that when the duck was put on the shelf, the chessboard was opened and the dice flew over. Up to now, his rhythm is still chaotic. Stealthily looking around the audience, it seemed that Wang's team had no intention of thinking about the badge. He did not know that the other party was thinking about it, did not say it in his heart, or had forgotten it like him, or had already got the badge. Either way, anyway,pumpkin seed extract, their own strategist chose to keep a low profile, he must also cooperate with can't talk too much. So Qian Ai didn't even lift his arm, so he raised his eyebrows slightly and tried to look at Wu Sheng's arm. Fortunately, the hint was short enough and striking enough-water. The badge is.. In the water? Underwater? On the splash? Qian Ai looked full of questions, more importantly, they can not leave the grid, more can not fall into the water, otherwise it is a foul, to return to the take-off point,saw palmetto extract, then how to find this badge? "Old money." Wu Sheng, next to him, made a sound to remind him, "throw dice." "Huh?" Qian Ai came to his senses and found that the dice were flying in front of his eyes, and the small wings were almost flapping to the tip of his nose. With little time left to throw, he didn't even catch it. He waved his hand directly and patted the dice to the surface of the water. 6。 As soon as Qian Ai was happy, he saw Kong Lize's white eyes in front of him. Qian Ai counted, I see. 25-31, which happens to be Kong Lizenage. Qian Ai can't say whether he is happy or worried. The blood boiling of PK Jiang Dachuan has gradually calmed down with these rounds of throwing. He knows what stationery he is holding, just like that good fortune has been lost. If Jiang Dachuan does not use armor, but a deadly weapon, he will lose. Li Ze, kill him- "Jiang Dachuan sent cheers at the distant take-off point A.". Kong Lize took a look at his teammates who were "not lucky". Although he did not feel that Qian Ai was a threat, he silently raised the level of vigilance and defense. Qian Ai landed in the grid. Kong Lize is a slender stretching figure, originally a person standing grid loose wide, plus a money Ai, per capita floor area immediately hit half fold again. Fortunately, naringenin price ,phycocyanin spirulina, the prompt tone appeared soon. The two men turned their backs and raised their arms at the same time. Qian Ai looked at the few stationery he had left, and for the sake of caution, he used it first. Ding- " & lt Small Paper & gt: Kong Lize uses & lt [Magic] Death Choir & gt; Qian Ai uses & lt [Defense] Steel Armor & gt; Steel Armor can't resist Death Choir, Qian Ai dies, Kong Lize wins. The audience was quiet for a few seconds. Because it is determined that there is no three or five rounds, and the PK is not over. Even Kong Lize himself didn't expect to win so neatly, and he didn't come to his senses for a long time. When Qian Ai saw the words "Choir of Death", he knew he had lost. He now rummaged through the entire stationery box, no longer able to resist the deadly attack of the magic department of stationery, the last healthy body protection, has been used up in the last PK. Big money, come back, I am the only one at home, can be lonely- "Jiang Dachuan is so happy that he doesn't know how to organize the language. He opens his arms and fans up and down to welcome the old friend back.". Qian Ai originally did not want to see him show off, but after hearing his new nickname, his depressed mood was instantly uplifted.
"What did you call me?" He asked as his body soared into the air. Jiang Dachuan Hei Hei smiled, his face was full of joy, and his eyes were deliberately provocative with pride: "Big money!"! How about it, domineering? "It doesn't matter whether you are domineering or not. The main thing is that the omen is good!" Between the words, Qian Ai fell into the grid 1, patted Jiang Dachuan on the shoulder, and thanked him from the bottom of his heart, "I will change the ID of the live broadcast when I go back, big money to eat Shenzhou, and money is rolling in!" “……” Jiang Dachuan's smile froze on his face, and then his face was completely expressionless. He is provoking, demonstrating, and getting carried away. Can you respect the avenger?!! Wang Jianbian, who had suffered a similar loss in Kuang Jinxin, saw clearly that the communication focus of this team was all off the track! Although he returned to the take-off point, Qian Ai threw 6, and there was still a chance to throw. The man who had changed his name without authorization put his hands together and silently recited 666. "" 3。 Jiang Dachuan looked down and gave a cry. Are 6 and 10 so easy to throw? Hum. The fifth thrower is Kuang Jinxin. 7。 He took off from take-off point B (14 squares), now 11 squares, these seven steps down-12-13-14-B1-B2-B3-B4. There are still two steps to the end. Wang Bian's team, ten eyes fell on him. Kuang Jinxin did not borrow the east wind like Gu Nian, nor did he have a PK with anyone. He just walked smoothly all the way down. As a result, now he is closer to the end than Gu Nian. Captain Xu, who had kept a low profile for a long time, wanted to cheer for his teammates, but on second thought, no, he immediately scanned Wu Sheng, Qian Ai and Chi Yingxue one by one-no publicity, we have to save our character! Wu Sheng received this line of sight, with a faint smile in his eyes, is his own did not notice the light of spoiling-well, know. Qian Ai's voice said, "Xiao Kuang, kill him!" All to the mouth, fortunately eye disease hand quick, a cover his mouth, hum twice. Next to Jiang Dachuan inexplicably looked at him, do not know what this is playing. Chi Yingxue did not give Kuang Jinxin the meaning of cheering,ghana seed extract, but also did not understand Xu Wang's eyes, four eyes, blankly raised eyebrows.
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