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Cao San Shao Edition Bad Guy 3 (Bad Guy 3 Bar) (8th Dec 22 at 2:12am UTC)
Every time Ma Cheng said a word, it caused an uproar, and the sound of taking pictures was even louder than the sound from the microphone. It is said that the Bank of East Asia is not developing at a general speed. Now that we have finally seen it, it is not at a general speed. It is simply developing at the speed of a rocket. Is this Xie Wendong the spokesman of a certain consortium? Did this Xie Wendong really dig the treasure? Many people have such and such doubts in their hearts. Hotel roof. Two men dressed in black and carrying large sniper rifles were lying on it. A few dry laughs came from the headset, "it has been confirmed that it is Xie Wendong, do it." The order of action came from the headset. Hum. A sneer rose slowly from the corners of their mouths. No need to say more, two people cooperate tacitly, one person takes out two nylon ropes from his backpack, this kind of rope is not very thick, but the strength is not to say, enough to resist several tons of pulling force. One man tied the ropes to the two men, and the other man tied the two ropes to an ornament on the roof. After confirming that there was no problem, the two men hit each other with their palms. Nod your head. The two men opened the glass cover on the vent. Magnetic,, "two people slide down the rope, after two meters of sliding distance, two people hang in the air of the hotel.". All this was done in silence, and the people in the meeting focused their attention on Ma Cheng's speech, not knowing that there were two bloodthirsty and ruthless killers hanging from their heads. Chapter 51 the Devil on the roof. "Bang Bang" Two 5.45mm AKR short assault rifle bullets exploded in the chest of "Xie Wendong." Through the night vision goggles, the two men could clearly see two blood holes on the body of "Xie Wendong." Blood was constantly oozing out. 'Ah. ' The first reaction of the reporters at the meeting was that there was a killer, and regardless of his identity,Nail production machine, he squatted and quickly lay on the ground. Wuxing and others were busy shooting back, but none of their bullets hit the killer, but they lifted a lot of glass. In just a few seconds, the killer threw away the gun in his hand and climbed up the rope at a very fast speed. Disappear into the night in the blink of an eye. Without any warning, in less than a minute, the two men "accomplished the task excellently". Due to the assassination of "Xie Wendong", there was a riot at the meeting, some people shouted loudly,wire nail machine manufacturers, and some people took the opportunity to take pictures. Xie Wendong was stabbed, this is not bad, tomorrow is absolutely the front page of the global newspaper headlines. Under the protection of Wuxing and others, "Xie Wendong" was carried on the back of the car and rushed to the hospital immediately. In the darkness, a pair of half-squinting eyes looked at the five elements passing by in a hurry. "Xie Wendong", whose face was ashen, slowly opened his eyes. No one was in front of him, and no one cared about him. In the darkness, his mouth slowly moved, just murmured: "Xie Wendong, you asked for it. (UK) Less than ten minutes away from the car, the "Xie Wendong" inside the car suddenly opened his eyes. The first thing he said was, "That was close." "Are you all right, Brother Ma?" Asked the five of them. Ma Cheng rubbed his chest and said with some pain, "Damn it. Fortunately, nail manufacturing machine ,Automatic nail machine, Brother Dong prepared two bulletproof vests for me. Otherwise, I would have to sacrifice to heaven today.". What kind of gun is this? It's so powerful. Goldeneye lost his breath, although he knew in advance that the killer would come back, but he still did not guess that the killer would use such a powerful gun. This kind of gun is really powerful, but it has a fatal shortcoming, that is, it is too heavy. This kind of gun is not suitable for mobile body sniping. It's not as good as a pistol. It sounds like an AK series. Muzi is very sensitive to guns, as long as he listens to a sound, he can guess a general idea. I hope it goes well with Brother Dong. The water mirror looked out of the window and said with concern. Yes The five elements and four people should say to each other. On the other side, two killers flashed into the night, with the help of the night, quickly got rid of Xie Wendong's pursuers, of course, this is what they think. Two people deserve to be the elite of the CIA, although get rid of Xie Wendong's pursuers, but they are still very careful, dare not be careless. After changing three sets of clothes, they finally found a small brigade to live in. In the middle of the night, Xie Wendong came to this small hotel.
Because of the lesson of Liu Bo, Xie Wendong did not just sprinkle his hands at the door, but placed people around the hotel, not to mention two big living people, even two dating flies would be found. It was nearly three o'clock in the morning when two strange men, about fifty or sixty years old, came out of the small hotel without even their luggage. Sharp-eyed black bodyguards, through identification, identified that Xie Wendong wanted to find someone, and reported the news to Xie Wendong. Through the night vision goggles, you can see that the two people are wearing makeup. The skin, which had been smooth and incomparable, was now covered with beards, and the neat clothes had become sloppy. To tell you the truth, thanks to such meticulous makeup, I'm afraid professional actors are just so so. Xie Wendong quietly followed two people to a house, at this time is already 3:30 in the morning, but this house is brightly lit, from inside can not be heard laughter. Xie Wendong narrowed his eyes and said to himself, "See how long you can laugh." In the dark night, there is no star shining, just like a wild animal with no way out, walking blankly in the wild forest, unable to find the target. Be sure to succeed. Xie Wendong frosted the golden knife in the palm of his hand and said coldly. A group of people nodded in unison and disappeared into the darkness in an instant. More than a dozen people popped up the rope around their waists, and the head of the rope was hung with an iron hook of four or five points. Under the skilled movements of the big black man, the iron hook flew out, as if it had eyes, and steadily hooked the eaves on the roof of the house. Soon, at least a dozen big men were hanging around the wall. In the darkness, these big men were like bats hanging upside down. Looking at them,wire nail making machine, they were extremely dark and mysterious. The most frightening thing is that all this is going on quietly. Inside the house. There are eight CIA elites, led by a man with a round face and an aquiline nose. If you don't look at a deep scar on your face, you are a handsome man.
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