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Tomb of God (fine collation) (8th Dec 22 at 2:12am UTC)
Such as a white giant elephant ten feet high, a two-headed python a hundred feet long, a multicolored giant bird stretching its wings seven or eight feet long, and some earth dragons as huge as mountains. Thorns are growing, ancient trees are towering, and wild animals appear and disappear, as if returning to ancient times. About hundreds of miles ahead of the headless body, a larger tribe appeared in front, it seems that there can be tens of thousands of people, a powerful totem beast rose into the sky, swinging bursts of fierce energy fluctuations. Distant mountain, Chen Dong heart a move, with a keen sense of inspiration, he found that the head of the human face spider body totem beast, its cultivation has completely reached the realm of God King, the absolute super strong. Divinity fluctuated violently in the air, and Chen Dong caught those fluctuations and immediately understood what he was talking about. I am a totem God with a radius of one hundred thousand miles. I have already learned from the direction of the West Sea that a troll was born and rushed towards the mainland. I didn't expect that it was a headless troll like you. Who are you? The answer to the human face spider totem God is still a huge talon, but this time the power of the talon has obviously increased a lot, directly breaking the pieces of the void, quickly toward the totem God. Human face spider body totem God big horror, in situ left a shadow, quickly appeared in the other direction, the strength of the God king level without the slightest moisture, so avoided this fierce blow. Boom. The huge talons smashed a mountain below in an instant, causing rocks to penetrate the air and sand and dust to fill the air. What kind of monster are you? Do you want to attack the pure land of the gods? Do you want to be an enemy of the gods who rule this land? The human face and the spider body cried out. However, although his voice and expression are stern, but clearly can see the fear in his heart, in the face of such a simply can not see through the depth of the Big Mac,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, anyone has to beat a drum in his heart. Chen Dong and Zijin Shenlong were surprised. They didn't expect that the God King was also the so-called "God". It seems that the guy who didn't come out really has a lot of background. However, he should be able to see it soon. I believe that the headless demon body will collide with him soon. Boom. When the talons fell, another mountain peak collapsed and collapsed, and even the God King had to retreat because of the powerful bombardment. The human face spider body totem God also obviously realized that it was not the enemy of the headless demon body. He rose into the air, swung up a demon cloud, and flew quickly to the east. But the headless demon body obviously did not want to give him any chance. He took a step ahead, as if he had appeared out of thin air. In an instant, it was dozens of miles. All of a sudden, he stopped in front of the totem God, and his talons were overwhelming. The result can be imagined, even the fighting experience of the evil desire demon God can not escape the claws, let alone this empty strength, but the fighting experience is very poor totem God? Try my best, several times to break the void, many times to escape, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, the human face spider totem was finally crushed in the palm of the giant, see the distant Chen Dong and Zijin Shenlong and other people straight out of a cold sweat, that is a God king ah! To be killed like this! "Bang Bang" The earth was trembling, the primeval forest was shaking, the towering ancient trees were trampled like weeds at the foot of the headless demon body, and he still walked towards the east without any hesitation. In addition to Chen Dong, in another direction, the elemental water God, the light God, and the war God are also quietly following. It's terrible. Who is this person? The elemental water God seemed to have a lingering fear, his face turned pale, and his expression was hard to see to the extreme. The brave God of war's face was also unusually ugly. He knew that there was an insurmountable gap between him and the headless demon body, and he could not fight against it at all. It was a big blow to the main God who was famous for his fighting power. Chen Dong they have found the God of light, they also found the dark big demon God, but the three parties have no intention to start, more tacit understanding of the separation, each in one side tracking the headless demon body, they all want to know what the huge demon body will do next. After traveling thousands of miles in this way, the headless demon body once again crushed a god-king totem with its unmatched strength, and then no totem beast dared to come forward.
Passing by a large tribe, these almost primitive natives were all frightened to kneel on the ground and murmur prayers, but the demon body did not harm these weak ordinary people. Along the way, many totem beasts have already told the news of the birth of the troll to the totem ahead, Chen Dong they expected that the so-called God must have known the news, if it is a strong enough character, I am afraid a world-shaking war can not be avoided. Once again forward more than two thousand miles, Chen Dong they have to sigh, this seventeenth layer is lower than the human world, hell seems to be equally vast. At this moment, Chen Dong's ear suddenly sounded a faint voice, which was completely said to him by the fluctuation of divine consciousness. I didn't think this day would come so soon! The voice is very old and seems to have infinite feelings. The first Pope of Light?! Chen Dong was shocked. Yes, it's me! Do you want me to give you some advice? Surely you didn't open the gates of hell for me for no reason. "Yes, I led you to hell, of course, not on a whim, although I am in hell, but the great events in the human world can not hide from me." These dialogues are all based on the fluctuation of divine consciousness, so the Ruffian Dragon has not yet been aware of it. "What are you looking for me for?" Said Chen Donglu with a dignified look. "Entrusted to give you one thing, and to bring you to save a man." Chen Dong's heart suddenly beat wildly. He seemed to guess what it was and who it was. He said excitedly, "He.." Where is he? "You have seen it." Chen Dong startled, this sentence suddenly let him be stunned, and then lost his voice: "I am talking about my father Chen Zhan, he..." Where on earth is it? The baby dragon, who was sleeping on Chen Dong's shoulder, seemed to be startled by Chen Dong. He opened his big eyes confusedly and said, "Chen Dong,Nail machine manufacturer, what's wrong with you?" Zijin Shenlong and Gu Si also turned their heads and looked at Chen Dong with a face full of excitement in amazement. The first generation of popes seemed to believe in Zijin Shenlong, and this time the fluctuation of divine consciousness also spread to their hearts, so that they heard his voice like Chen Dong.
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