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Full-time mage (8th Dec 22 at 2:13am UTC)
"If I get this contract, can I use it immediately, and can I use it in the world university competition?" Nan Rongni asked. Just slowly erase the soul mark of Muningxue on the ice crystal brake bow. Rest assured, the world's academic disputes do not allow the use of forbidden arts, but there is no forbidden use of magic tools smelted through forbidden arts, ice crystal brake bow is not prohibited. Said Pansy. The four Snow Silver Commandments were getting closer and closer, and they gradually blocked Muningxue on the arch bridge. Pedestrians on both sides of the arch bridge saw this scene and gathered around one after another, but one of the snow silver commandment mages had an official document in his hand, telling the mages who maintained the order of Venice's water capital that they were carrying out family arrest and had obtained permission. The Venetian Order Magi surrounded the arch bridge without the slightest intention of obstructing it. Mu's power is indeed huge, so huge that it is legal to fight in the city, and it can define Mu Ningxue, who has done nothing, as a criminal, and use the two words of arrest! "How does it feel to have nothing?" Mu Tingying laughed, and she could not have laughed more freely. She has been waiting for this day for a long time, the funny thing is that Mu Ningxue has always regarded Nan Rongni as a friend, Nan Rongni has always been Mu Ningxue's old enemy, since their family became Mu's vassal,Investment casting parts, the patriarch meeting has given them the power of the ice crystal brake bow! Mu Ningxue's ten years of penance is just to make a wedding dress for others! "In fact, even if you didn't lose your reputation because of the black church incident, in order to tie up the Nanrong family, you also ended up like this.". An excellent young mage, the Mu clan will not lack, but an ancient and mysterious family to join, but it is the wings of a strong clan! You think you are Mu's favored daughter,non standard fasteners, but you are just a gift box dressed up to be extremely delicate and noble. Mu Tingying laughed so hard that she couldn't stand up straight. Chapter 1050 of the main text Shuidu Snow Weep. Updated: 2016-07-14 10:12:22 Words: 3815 Mu Tingying actually knew about this not long ago. As early as two years ago, Nan Rongni had the intention to join the Mu family, and one of their requirements was the ice crystal brake bow, because only by obtaining the most powerful magic tool of the Mu family, could they feel at ease and ensure that the Mu family would not burn bridges. 0 Bear the infamy of the closest relatives of the Black Church! Lost its unparalleled position in the world! Lose ten years of penance and the most precious magic tools! Lose the most trustworthy best friend! Mu Tingying felt that this was her happiest moment in so many years, more perfect than a dream, she could truly experience the kind of ecstasy and excitement, the person she hated most ended up like this! Oh, of course, if she had lost her ice crystal bow and her face had been haggard and deformed, Venice would be as beautiful as heaven today! I hope so, after all, it is to separate an object from the soul, metal stamping parts ,alloy die casting, that kind of pain, that kind of destruction. "There is no need to struggle, accept the fact that although there is nothing, you can still use your good skin to cheat the sympathy of some simple-minded people, so that he swears to protect you for a lifetime." Nan Rongni spoke gently and calmly. The consolation in the words sounded so harsh to Mu Ningxue.
She noticed that something was wrong with Nan Rongni, and after returning to the Guofu team, Mu Ningxue became estranged from him, but she still imagined Nan Rongni too simply. Under her calm and gentle appearance, she had a more terrible and vicious heart than Mu Tingying! She has been peeping at her most powerful weapon, but also in the words just revealed the jealousy of her appearance, the most admirable thing is that she is obviously more disgusted and jealous than Mu Tingying, but she can be like a most warm and intimate friend, standing beside her, thinking of herself everywhere.. These years get along, let Mu Ningxue think carefully extremely fear! "I almost forgot, there is a man who protects you everywhere, but even if he comes, it's no use. He's a little mage, a little luckier than others. How can he compete with the huge Mu Shi?". What's more, the person he really cares about most is not you, but the girl in the wheelchair. I really don't understand how you get along with that girl as if nothing had happened. When you look at me with such disgust, why don't you look at yourself with this look? Nan Rong Ni's words with a long stinger, it is to the most painful heart fragile place! There was a moment when Mu Ningxue thought of Mo Fan, because when a person faced these aggressive crowds, her heart was a little unbearable. [Http://] Baidu Cloud Search Engine, Looking for Novels, Movies and Dramas. But this time, that trace of expectation was also shattered by Nan Rongni! However, Mu Ningxue is not the kind of person who will collapse on the ground and hide his face and cry when he has no one to depend on. She did not shed a drop of tears, her sharp eyes represent that when she really has nothing, the cold heart will only be stronger! There was no point in saying more, and since the two of them were going to take everything away from themselves, she could not yield! After the last feeling is cut off, there is no fetter, only an unswerving heart to become stronger! The colder it gets, the crazier it gets! The angrier, the calmer! Pansy, who told Muningxue so much about the ice crystal brake bow, did not know that after Muningxue took over the ice crystal brake bow from her mother, the only difference between her and all the other people was that she was suffering from the ice nightmare every day and night, because she was trying to make her soul merge with the Ice Crystal Brake Bow every day! [Http://] Baidu Cloud Search Engine, Looking for Novels,Stainless steel foundry, Movies and Dramas. It was a vow that her dying mother had clasped her hand to herself in front of her bed, and because of this vow, she suffered the torment of ice invading her soul every day!.
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