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Super gold left hand (8th Dec 22 at 2:13am UTC)
Zhou Xuan went to the front of the left side of the wooden frame, and the three pieces of porcelain were placed on the top floor. One was a blue and white vase with cloud and dragon patterns, one was a bowl with underglaze red chrysanthemum patterns, and the third was a double-ear vase with glazed red cloud and dragon patterns. Although Zhou Xuan did not know much about ancient porcelain and had a lot of knowledge in books for some time, he had heard of the name of blue and white porcelain, which was also one of the most national characteristics in Chinese porcelain. Of course, apart from the people in this industry, the most important thing for ordinary modern people to pay attention to is Jay Chou's song "Blue and White Porcelain". And the word that Zhou Xuan can remember most is: "Your beauty drifts away to the place where I can't go!" This sentence is undoubtedly the best expression of blue and white porcelain that is very beautiful but impossible for ordinary people to get the feeling. Zhou Xuan looked at it for a while. The three pieces of porcelain were really beautiful, but his understanding of porcelain was naturally invisible to his eyes. At that moment, he took the three pieces of porcelain one by one and looked at them for a while. Of course, the Dan pill ice gas in the left hand was also carried out. Tea table side, Fu Ying some nervous looking at Zhou Xuan, do not know whether he can identify, and Liu Qingyuan is very leisurely, did not look at Zhou Xuan, it seems that he could not recognize. After Zhou Xuan put the last double-ear vase back on the shelf, he hesitated for a moment and then said, "Old Liu, none of your three pieces of porcelain is Ming Dynasty official cellar blue and white porcelain!" Fu Ying heard a daze, although she did not understand this line, but Liu Qingyuan is playing a lifetime of antique devices, how can she not know? Just now Liu Qingyuan also said that these are three pieces of blue and white porcelain from the official cellar of the Ming Dynasty. Can it be false from his mouth? But also some strange, since Liu Qingyuan is to identify the true and false, then why say it is Ming Guanjiao? This is a big bug, could it be Liu Qingyuan's camouflage against her? 16977. Com 16977 games updated every day fun little game, waiting for you to discover! Volume 1 Small Lotus Beginning to Show Sharp Corners Chapter 5 High Imitation Porcelain Zhou Xuan's words stunned Liu Qingyuan. He raised his head and stared at him and asked, "What did you say?" "I said!" Zhou Xuan said clearly again, "I said that none of your three pieces of porcelain belonged to the Ming official cellar!" Liu Qingyuan stood up and walked to the edge of the wooden shelf. WenXueMi.CoM Fu Ying was startled and looked at him nervously, but Liu Qingyuan said in a deep voice,socket screw plug, "Tell me, what evidence do you have to say that it is not?" Zhou Xuan picked up the blue and white vase with Yunlong pattern placed in the first place, slowly turned a circle in front of Liu Qingyuan, and then said: "You see, the most prosperous period of blue and white ceramics is Xuande. Xuande blue and white is famous for its fine body soil, clean glaze juice, neat shape, dignified and thick body, fine body quality, fine sand bottom, various shapes, rich and beautiful patterns.". The interface of the chisel is rare, and the body is thick and firm, but you always look at this bottle. Zhou Xuan held the bottle to a place where the light was not blocked, car radiator cap ,metal stamping parts, and said, "Look at this bottle. The body is a little thin, and the sand at the bottom of the bottle is a little thick. Also, during the Xuande period, most of the blue and white pigments were made of imported Su Nibo blue materials, and those made in China were slightly inferior. The Xuande blue and white was naturally dizzy, forming a thick condensed crystal spot, which went deep into the fetal bone. You can see that although the blue and white color is bright But it is obvious that it is painted on the surface, which is quite different from the Xuande blue and white which goes deep into the fetal bone. Zhou Xuan turned the bottom of the bottle upside down and pointed to the mark at the bottom, saying, "Xuande Colored Porcelain has a year style, usually a six-character regular script style, but also a four-character style. The position of the writing is uncertain. There is no horizontal line on the" heart "in the regular script. There is a horizontal line on the" heart "in the seal script. You always look at the word" De "in this four-character regular script of" Xuande Year System ". There is a horizontal line above the heart. By rights, shouldn't there be no such line? Fu Ying was in a daze and temporarily hugged the Buddha's feet, but he did not expect that Zhou Xuan was really right, that is, he did not know whether what he said was true or false.
Of course, she did not know that Zhou Xuan had studied hard these days, and that he had never been so serious in school, but he happened to see the column of blue and white porcelain, which almost emptied his bottom, and if he wanted to be added again, he would be in danger of revealing his true shape. Zhou Xuan put the bottle back on the shelf, took down the bowl with red glaze and chrysanthemum pattern, and turned it over. On the bottom of the bowl was the style of "Chenghua Year of Ming Dynasty". He added, "You can see that the style of this bowl with chrysanthemum pattern is from Chenghua Year of Ming Dynasty. The tip of the character" Da "is round and high, and the character" Cheng "is hard to the waist. The character" Zhi "is big at the top and small at the bottom. The character" Yi Zhou Xuan put the bowl back on the wooden frame, picked up the last double-ear vase with red glaze and cloud and dragon patterns, turned it upside down and said, "Look at this one again. This one is made in the Longqing Year of the Ming Dynasty, but I don't know that the style of Longqing Year is usually made in the Longqing Year of the Ming Dynasty, not made. So I don't think these three pieces are Ming Dynasty porcelain." As soon as Liu Qingyuan's eyes lit up, he patted Zhou Xuan on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Not bad, little brother. It's almost impossible for a person of your age to study porcelain so thoroughly. Alas, there are no successors. However, since you can see that it's not Ming Dynasty porcelain, can you see which age it's from?" It seemed much more difficult for Liu Qingyuan, but for Zhou Xuan, it was the simplest thing. Liu Qingyuan is casually looking for these fakes to embarrass Fu Ying, these common sense of Ming blue and white porcelain as long as the industry's general veteran understand, but get outsiders is knowledge, can say that these can only make Liu Qingyuan some surprise, but not too surprised, but can identify the origin and year of the fake, that is a great knowledge. Even highly sophisticated experts are not absolutely sure. It is a common thing for everyone in the industry to make a mistake. It is not uncommon for a boat to capsize in the gutter. Of course, Liu Qingyuan is also said by Zhou Xuan to arouse interest,die casting parts, not to deliberately difficult for him, Fu Ying this wench, how can he not do.
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