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Suppressor is my dad?! (8th Dec 22 at 2:13am UTC)
After all, Ormat was worried about his adopted son and those children, and the speed was naturally incomparable to that of the police officers in the tomb. But they are also well prepared. It's not that we didn't receive the problem of missing children earlier. It's just that these people are so cunning that they can't find anyone at all. Now, finally, there is a clue. And Ormat's side. After finding the abandoned factory, we found the entrance to the basement. The moment he came to the basement door, Ormat looked at the closed door, raised his fist and condensed all his strength on his right hand. Texas Smash!” The force was so great that it not only smashed the door in front of it, but also smashed the surrounding walls. The child who was running this way suddenly stopped. Passed a little while, a teenager says in a low voice: "Be..". Is it the enemy? ?” I don't know. But If such a person is the enemy. So.. "The rest is needless to say.". They're gonna die. Admittedly, there are many A-level personalities awakened in this group of children. However, no matter what their personalities are, they are just a group of children. Let a group of children face an adult, and the results can be imagined. The dust gradually dispersed. They breathed nervously. Immediately afterwards,ball valve manufacturer, a tall man suddenly///appeared in the public's view. At the moment of seeing Ormat, the joy hidden in the depths of his heart came out in an instant. Ormat! "It's Ormat-have you come to save us?" Ormat took a quick glance at the group of children. He found that he was not disappointed without the figure of Qi Mu Nan Xiong, but kept a confident and strong smile. Already, don't be afraid. "Because here I am." Chapter 9 Kindergarten Qi Mu Nan Xiong is still in the process of retreating. It's just that there was a lot of trouble during the retreat. Ah, ah, ah. Under such circumstances. You know,pipe fittings manufacturer, the distance between him and his cheap father is now within 100 meters. Within 100 meters, you can't hear the surrounding noise. But after more than 100 meters, he will become a superhuman from an ordinary person! 90 meters. 95 meters. 101 meters! Qi Mu Nan Xiong does not intend to continue to waste time with the enemy hiding here. Direct use of instant transmission, accidentally jumped into the pile of children. Just saw the children in the pile without Qi Mu Nan Xiong, the next second Qi Mu Nan Xiong appeared. To this, Ormat said: "Ah, ah, ah, Nan Xiong is all right!"! Then he can fight in peace. Now he is fearless! And Qi Mu Nan Xiong, who suddenly appeared in the pile of children, 12 needle valve ,38 tube fitting, said, "Ah, ah, ah, it seems that the timing of the appearance is not quite right.". And the child who was rescued by Qi Mu Nan Xiong looked at the sudden appearance of Qi Mu Nan Xiong and couldn't help blinking. You look like someone I know. The man who said this could not help scratching the back of his head. Where have you seen it? I feel this person looks so familiar! It's like I just saw it the last second. Qi Mu Nan Xiong, who has no telepathy and naturally does not know what the other person is thinking:.. Ya, ah, ah. If he follows the routine of the idol drama, should he then say, "Yes, we met in a dream.". Then, smoothly be. *** Officer Tsukauchi came one step later. He also brought a lot of colleagues. At first, he looked at the dilapidated factory and thought that the enemy could not hide here. As a result, there is such a huge place hidden under the dilapidated factory. Think of the recent disappearance of children, and then look at the construction of this sex laboratory so spectacular know-the enemy is not lurking here for a day or two! Even without their knowledge, there may be more children who have died. Thinking of this, the police officer in the tomb could not help looking ugly. Officer Tsukauchi, what should we do with these kids? The man who said this couldn't help glancing at the dozens of children. It's so painful. I don't know what they look like. But now, it is absolutely miserable. In particular, there are bruises on the arms, and some of them have blood.
Hiss- What on earth has this guy done! Looking at the indignant appearance of his colleagues, the police officer in the tomb took a deep breath and was calm. Take these children out and ask about the situation first. The police officer turned his head and looked at another wave of people. "As for you, follow me and go inside to have a look." "Yes." Officer Tsukauchi rushed in directly with his men. Only when I passed the pile of children, I saw a very calm face out of the corner of my eye. After so many things, can you still keep this calm? The police officer in the tomb took a casual look with this doubt, and then withdrew his eyes. The colleague who followed him inside couldn't help asking, "Officer Tomauchi, did you find anything?" The police officer sighed, "I just found that these children were injured too much." At the mention of this, the group of young people could not help being angry. They are not without brothers and sisters in their family. Especially watching such a small child suffer in such an environment, it is impossible to say that it is not painful. This group of people///scum! Officer Tsukauchi did not interject///. After all, he is now leading the existence of these guys ah! If you can't keep calm well, it's absolutely impossible. Anyone can be crazy. Only the leader///leader who leads a group of people should keep calm. If the leader///guide can't keep calm,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, then no matter what happens, he will only lose. But that child is still a little suspicious. Wait Speaking of which, the child's hair seems to be.. Pink hair !? *** The mopping-up mission was completed very smoothly.
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