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Chen Qingyun Jian Ao Shuang Han (8th Dec 22 at 2:27am UTC)
You can plant it! In the laughter, there was an atmosphere of victory. Li Ping, the cripple, was so angry that he cried out, "Don't be complacent. The seven monsters of the lake and the sea are not afraid of your plot!" Yunxiao said, "Yunxiao can't be as special as you. Why don't you come down if you have guts?" Li Ping, the cripple, was so angry that he was about to jump down as soon as he really lifted the cripple. The dwarf Gao Feng abruptly stopped him and whispered, "Wait a minute!" Then he muttered a few words in his ear. The cripple could not help giving a thumbs-up to the dwarf and whispered, "Fourth Brother, really!" You have it! Yunxiao and Gu Tianjue judged that the seven disabled people could not help but come down to the crypt and immediately prepared for it. But there was no sound above. "Could it be that they changed their minds and retreated?" He thought to himself. It's him As soon as he finished reading, there was a sudden flash of fire at the mouth of the cave, and a wisp of light smoke rushed straight in. Seeing this, Yunxiao could not help but be frightened. He raised his voice and scolded, "Is this the ability of your seven disabled people?"? Despicable and shameless, use the next three What kind of ability is it to use excessive kung fu to deal with someone in the cloud? "Cough! Cough!" Wu Shichang couldn't stand the smoke and couldn't help coughing. Deaf Zhang Cheng heard it again. "Is there more than one person down there?" He asked. "Is Ling Laoer inside, too?" Asked the hunchback Rao Zhi. You Qing, a bald man, said in a shrill voice, "There's no such thing. I stared at Ling Laoer with my own eyes." At this point, the smoke was getting thicker and thicker, and Yunxiao could not bear it, so he gently cut open a watermelon and tore it. Sleeves, covered with watermelon water, wrapped up his mouth and nose. However, the eyes are still affected and the vision is difficult. Gu Tianjue is an old Jianghu, although he did not speak, his heart is secretly calculating. He knew that the other side was attacking with smoke like this, and he was really ruthless. After a long time, it would be very difficult for him to breathe. No matter how capable you are, there is nothing you can do. The mind moves, more and more think that waiting for death is not the way! So he picked up a watermelon and slowly moved it to the exit of the cave. When he was just near the wooden ladder at the entrance, he planned to throw the watermelon hard, which distracted the seven remnants, and he could take advantage of it. Potential vertical out, in order to stop the other side smoke attack. Who knows, just as he held the melon in both hands and lifted it up, he suddenly felt a force of gravity pressing down and "braked". Whoo! The watermelon is broken. Gu Tianjue immediately realized that it was a man who stepped down with his foot. He thought to himself, "It turns out that the seven remnants entered under the cover of smoke." Did the cave attack? It seems that it's not just for Yunxiao to scold him. Maybe there's a conspiracy! The idea side turns, that one foot steps on the person of watermelon, suddenly exclaim: "Hey!"! What is this Before the sound of his exclamation was over, Gu Tianjue suddenly loosened his hand, and the watermelon fell to the ground, followed by a clap. When the man on the other side stepped on the watermelon, although he gave a cry of surprise, he did not expect that the watermelon was in the hands of the enemy. As soon as Gu Tianjue let go, he lost his center of gravity and immediately rolled down. Just then, Gu Tianjue slapped the man on the shoulder, snorted, and rolled and shook on the spot. With a swing of the hand, the T-shaped crutch swept to Gu Tianjue. Gu Tianjue has been smoked red eyes, vision is not clear, a moment of carelessness, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, the back of the hip was hit. Although the force of this crutch is not big, but hit Gu Tianjue on the body, he also gritted his teeth in pain. He bent down, grabbed his hand, grabbed the other's hair, and pulled it down. The man snorted again, and the two men rolled together. Gu Tianjue got a crutch, the injury is not light, it is difficult to lift the true strength, and that person in Gu Tianjue's palm, also enough. One of his left arms could no longer be lifted. So apart from rolling on the ground, neither of them could show real kungfu. Unexpectedly, Gu Tianjue took advantage of the geographical position, although he could not use his real strength, but he did not want to let go of the enemy, so he grabbed the ground. Rotten watermelon, mindless to each other's head and face a mess. The man thought he was tired of eating the watermelon, so he opened his mouth and bit Gu Tianjue's hand. Gu Tianjue's hand shrank quickly and was not bitten, but it triggered a brainwave, and as soon as he lowered his head, he bit his opponent's right hand.
"Ah-" a cry, a strange pain to attack the heart, the man had to let go, but the elbow was bitten off by Gu Tianjue. A big piece of meat, blood flowing. At this moment, the second person who came down from the mouth of the cave was Xu Long, a scabby man. When he heard a series of screams at the bottom of the cave, he knew that Li Ping, the seventh cripple, must have suffered a loss. How could he do nothing to save him? He slipped down. But at the bottom of the escalator, there was already a man lying in the dark, who was Wu Shichang, the leopard. When he jumped to the ground, Wu Shichang rushed up and hugged his legs. As a result, the two rolled together and rolled on the ground, but neither of them would relax. At this moment, the bald man You Qing came down from the top again. Coincidentally, he was hugged by the one-horned jade tiger Wei Zhen again. But the bald man's mind is a little more, has been on guard against this move, a discovery is not right, throw a sword to cut. On the one hand, Wei Zhen had just recovered from a serious wound and was not strong enough; on the other hand, he was so eager for success that he only attacked the enemy's lower plate and failed to defend himself against the enemy. There is a weapon on it. Before he could hold the enemy's legs in his arms, the sword arrived first, and with a flash of cold light, he swept over his face and cut half his head. With a scream, the body fell to the ground. This scream caused two illusions. Wu Shichang, of course, could hear that it was Wei Zhen's cry. In a hurry, he thought of poison and felt it out of his arms. A small steel dart gritted his teeth and pressed it hard on the back of his heart, and then clapped it violently. Epileptic Xu Long just snorted and died! The man at the mouth of the cave heard the scream and thought that his brother had suffered a loss, and the dwarf Gao Feng followed him down. He was not stopped, but it was worse. It turned out that when Yunxiao decided to use the watermelon array, Wu Shichang and Wei Zhen had already secretly arranged it and came down from the escalator. Watermelon has been placed to the bottom of the hole deep, to both sides, there are two of them guarding, walking in the middle,collapsible pallet box, fell into the watermelon array, Ren. No matter how high the ability is, it has to be rolled all the way to the bottom of the hole. So when the dwarf Gao Feng jumped down and stepped on the watermelon.
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