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Ten brocade pictures (15th Dec 22 at 3:01am UTC)
Ten brocade pictures
Pu Tianhe suddenly turned around and said angrily, "No, my father can't wear your clothes. Please take them away." As he spoke, he suddenly took off the silver fox fur cloak, and Gan Qiuqiu was on the verge of success, so he had to withdraw his hand in time. By this time Sun Yihe, the God of Purple Flame, had already come to the front. He hurriedly said, "Master Pu, how can you use a woman's clothes? Put them on quickly. What a joke!" By this time, Pu Tianhe had dug a deep pit about five feet deep and eight feet long. He stared at his father's body in a daze, always feeling that he should add some clothes to his body. He looked down at himself and took off his black satin cloak and put it over the body. Gan Qiuqiu helped him and wrapped the body. Pu Tianhe at this time a cavity of sadness, full of muddy brain, he forgot everything, even his father's Wulin treasure "Wuling Shenzhu" also forgot to take down. Sun Yihe sighed and said, "Master Pu loved snow all his life. I know that. If you bury him here, it will be enough to make the dead feel at ease.". Come on, let's get him in there properly! Pu Tianhe heartache such as twist, in front of the situation is only so. Sun Yihe helped him carry Pu Dasong's stiff body into the dug snow pit. Pu Tianhe did not have a drop of tears at this time, he just felt that the whole heart seemed to be frozen, Sun Yihe and his wife,Wall Penstocks, helped him push down piles of snow, slowly buried the old man's whole body. A snowdrift like a hillock was gradually piled up. Sun Yihe gave a wry smile and said sadly, "Shaoxia Pu, I'm sorry for your loss. Let's go!" Northwest Star Pu Tianhe shook his head and said, "You go first. I'll stop here a little longer." Sun Yihe took a look at the yellow chrysanthemum fairy Gan Qiuqiu, and the two of them walked slowly. Pu Tianhe suppressed the heart, finally broke out, he bent over the "snow grave" above,lamella clarifer, straight crying a dark, exhausted. Finally, he set up a stone tablet in front of the snow grave, on which was inscribed: Tomb of Wuling Shenjian Pu Dasong. Unworthy male Tianhe weeps blood and stands firmly. When all this was done, it was almost dusk, and before he knew it, he stopped in front of the grave for a whole day. The cold wind chilled the muscles and bones of the whole body, and the little donkey tied in the distance kept purring and kicking his hooves from time to time. The northwest star Pu Tianhe rubbed his hands and muttered to himself, "Let's go!" When he led the little donkey down the hillside, the sky had already shown the dim shadow of the moon, and the snow still seemed to have no intention of stopping. When the moon rose a little higher, the silver light on the snowfield was dazzling, especially the protruding snow grave. Suddenly, above the grave, two black shadows floated in. The posture of these two people is extremely light and agile. Judging from the posture of Qinggong, rotary vacuum disc filters ,filter nozzle, it can be said that they have reached the realm of "perfection". As soon as the two of them fell on the grave, they looked around. One of the women spoke with an accent and said, "Do it quickly. I think that silly boy will come back." Sun Yihe, a white-clothed scribe, gave a triumphant guffaw and said, "I really don't know. I deserve to be lucky." As he spoke, he laughed even louder. The moonlight shone on the two men, and the snow reflected their faces, a man and a woman. There was no doubt that they were the Purple Flame God Sun Yihe and the Yellow Chrysanthemum Fairy Gan Qiuqiu. From their looks, you can see how proud and crazy they are, because they have fooled a man with their wisdom. Now the most precious thing in Wulin, "Wuling Shenzhu", is right in front of them. What a wonderful thing it is! The Yellow Chrysanthemum Fairy grinned and said, "Don't be happy first. It's not real until you get it."! Let's do it! As she spoke, the white light flashed, and she pulled out a long sword. Sun Yihe laughed and said, "That's too stupid!"! Get out of the way! As he spoke, he gathered his palms together and pushed them outward. The snowflakes splashed like snow and fog. The four hands of the two men soon pulled the stiff corpse out.
The withered corpse of the deceased was as straight as a pen, with a pair of pupils and walnuts open. Gan Qiuqiu took one look and shivered. "Let's do it," he said hurriedly. As he spoke, he turned over the body and revealed the brocade box wrapped in satin. Sun Yihe stretched out his hand to grab it and said with a smile, "It's all right. Here it is!" But half of his hand stretched out, there was a very cold wind, blowing in the face, so cold that he hit a shiver! As soon as Gan Qiuqiu first looked up, she was so frightened that she gave a strange cry: "No-someone-look!" Purple Flame God Sun Yihe suddenly looked up and saw a man standing not far in front of him. Sun Yihe did not look at it, but when he looked at it, he was so frightened that he shivered again. He couldn't help saying "ah" and sat down on the snow with a "poof"! The second chapter is the theft of divine beads. Purple Flame God Sun Yihe rolled on the spot, and at the same time, his right hand shook out two "bright silver beads"! I saw a flash of two silver stars in front of each other. The man let out a loud laugh, saw his right hand flat to push out, unexpectedly with the palm wind to attack the two hidden weapons to one side. Sun Yihe panicked, as if he could only see that the other side was a strange man dressed in white fur. If it hadn't been for his laugh just now, Sun Yihe and Gan Qiuqiu could hardly believe that he would be human! ' Hearing his loud laughter, the two of them were even more taken aback. Sun Yihe raised his right hand, and with a sound of dragon singing, he pulled out the long sword behind him. He pressed the blade down and shouted angrily, "Who wants to die?" The tall figure suddenly took off the white leather on his body and showed a tight suit inside. He was born with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and his eyes were like bright stars, especially the long hair on his head, which was so long that he could hang down his shoulders and be blown into a mess by the wind. However, these can not hide his true manhood, his tall stature, broad shoulders, Jianghu rarely see such a burly man! Then the two of them saw clearly that there were four or five rabbits, foxes, and other small wild animals hanging from his back waist. His legs were tied tightly with thin leather belts,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and there were white plumes and short arrows on both sides, as if they were used to hunt animals, but there was no bow!.
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