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Playing the Universe in Online Games (19th Dec 22 at 1:44am UTC)
"Ah!" After all, it was a monk who went in. Once again, he turned pale with fright. What he believed in here was death. His surprise made his companions puzzled. What was surprising? The symbol of the city was the temple. Was it strange? So looked at the idol, too dare not believe, this is not the master? My God, even to worship themselves, this is also OK? That's something I've never heard of before. Incorrect I reacted for a long time and felt something was wrong. It was different from the recorded God of death, but for a moment I didn't know what kind of God it was. When I looked at the idol, I froze, and my mind was confused. Could it be that these players who were brought by the God of the system were the descendants of the God? This idol actually has seven points like its master. Black knife can not know their cranky, looking at the God of the underworld, it seems that everyone is praying very hard, ah, unexpectedly more than 140,000 underworld power, hey, more believers, in the end much faster ah. Without much thought, the mark between the black knife's eyebrows flashed, and with a ray of light, it shot into the statue of the God of the underworld. The power of the God of the underworld rolled rapidly, which surprised the black knife. The believers below were still praying without any response. It seemed that they could not see these situations. The rolling power of the underworld, like a black whirlpool,Interactive digital signage, is rapidly condensing together, becoming more and more intense, smaller and smaller, and soon seems to be a small point, suddenly flashing, so that the eyes of the black knife are blurred, and when you look again, there is already one more skill on the statue of the underworld,thermal imaging camera, meditation. Black knife a joy, with a movement in the heart, a black light shot out from the meditation, shot into the black knife's eyebrow mark, black knife a look, happy, he has one more skill, meditation. Meditation: a basic skill that restores the power of the underworld and may increase the upper limit of mental power. Followed by dense small print, about posture, breathing and other aspects, looks quite complicated. (Note: It can be used in reality. Due to insufficient data, this game equipment is not responsible for any consequences in reality.) "Yes, restore the power of the underworld, and then pray, that is not contributed to the statue of the underworld?"? Hey, hey, temperature check kiosk ,temperature scanning kiosks, it can also increase the upper limit of magic. Good thing. Not to mention that it can be used in reality. It's amazing. When the black knife is silly and happy here, since entering the temple of the God of the underworld, the deputy castellan who prays to the God of the underworld is slightly stupefied at this time, just because. System prompt: The great God of the underworld has sensed your devotion and given you the ability to meditate. Thanks to the great God of the underworld, the deputy castellan was so excited that he bowed down again and again. After sighing with emotion for a while, the black knife saw that there were still forty thousand underworld forces. He quickly patted his forehead. Suddenly, a black light flew out from the mark of the underworld statue. The prayers below, who had not yet become believers, were overjoyed and worshipped one by one, because everyone had a mark of underworld believers on their arms and became underworld believers. Looked, there are still thousands of Ming Li, black knife just remembered that he is still useful, immediately some regret to waste Ming Li. My God, is it the God of the underworld? The legendary God of the underworld has not disappeared. There is still the mark of the God of the underworld in the world. It is incredible that he has reappeared in the world. Monk in the end is a monk, or was he recognized, at this time turned his head to say a few words to the crazy knife, immediately crazy knife exultation. Kuang Dao ran to Black Dao's side with three steps and two steps. He seemed a little excited. At this time, he whispered: "Lord, that boy said that if we have faith at level zero, we will have one more faith attribute. The attribute itself does not disappear. It can become a rare double attribute. In addition, we can learn the skills of believers, which is equal to half more occupation. You see.." Ha-ha As soon as the black knife heard this, he was also happy. His strength was equal to his own strength. At this time, he patted his forehead and a ray of light came out. But he frowned again and said, "I don't have enough strength. It will take two days." "Well, it's a good thing there's no upgrade. Only the zero level of the starter can do it." Crazy knife happy tunnel, although do not know what the power of the underworld, but since the master promised no problem.
Kuangdao ran back, and his companions were full of joy. Only they knew the value of double attributes. When the time came, after the bandits were exterminated and they became servants, they believed that their masters would also accept them as believers. Only Sana knew that the God of the underworld was the God who disappeared during the legendary war between the gods. At this time, Xiaohei did not know where to jump in. Now it has more than two meters of happiness. At this time, it kept adding to the hands and feet of the black knife. It looked very intimate. The black knife stroked the fur as smooth as black satin. It is still hard to believe that this is the fist-sized ball before. With the sound of prayer below, a trace of the power of the underworld (spiritual power) poured into the statue of the underworld. The old man looked the most pious, and the power of the overworld poured in the fastest. His own magic was low. At this time, he had bottomed out. Then he sat there upright and began to meditate. Black knife, the messenger of God, is not so complicated. With a wave of his hand, a powerful mental force poured into the image of the God of the underworld along his arm. Looking at his attributes, a full thousand of the power of the underworld had become zero. Then, the black knife did not stop. When he touched his belt, a small milky white ball bone bead appeared, which also stored a little power of the dark, which made the black knife move. He hurried over to them and walked to their side. Put the magic into it. The black knife opened its mouth. yuan Zhu, is it still such a big one? Three that one is stupefied, not from sighs with emotion: "The master good thing is really many." "Ha ha!" Black Dao smiled and said, "Why do you call it yuan Zhu? Isn't it a bone bead?" At this time, the others had already put their hands on the bone beads, and their magic kept pouring into them. With the black knife, the messenger of the God of the underworld, it didn't matter even if it wasn't the magic of the dark attribute. At most,interactive kiosk price, it consumed a little more when it was converted, and with the help of the black knife, they could input very fast.
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