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The lover is innocent (19th Dec 22 at 1:52am UTC)
Fang Wuxie suddenly opened his eyes and fell into the sea of his attentive and affectionate eyes. But all of a sudden, she closed her eyes tightly, and her face became even paler. I don't know where a force suddenly pushed him away, stood up and ran into the carriage. She's right to be worried! The terrible pain still clung to her — now the symptoms of the headache were beginning to appear, and she was frightened by the pain of being in purgatory and living worse than dying. Besides, she doesn't want to lose control in front of him again, and he doesn't want to see her like this. Just like he didn't want to see those ugly scars on her back! He went to find the woman in his painting! Why don't you leave her alone? But why can his eyes still pull out her strongest feeling-tight and warm! Fang Wuxie broke away from him and rushed into the carriage like crazy, holding the curtain tightly with one hand, and the pain hit her. The four people in the distance also saw the scene of Fang Wuxie rushing into the carriage, and Mu Changfeng caught up with him. They looked at each other with a curious expression. Curiosity aside, they wisely decided not to see it! So they tacitly turned their heads to the other side. Innocent, what are you doing!? Mu Changfeng was stunned by her actions, watching her run into the carriage at a high speed, the curtain was pulled down by her, hiding her figure. Then he strode to the front of the carriage and asked Shen Sheng. Damn! Her strange face made him palpitate inexplicably. He wanted to lift the barrier, but found that the heart behind the curtain did not want him to do so. Mu Changfeng stared at the curtain in front of him with a gloomy expression. This layer of cloth could not stop him at all,uns s32760 plate, and the reason why he did not take it down immediately was that he decided to respect her intention not to let him in for the time being. Fang Wuxie clenched his teeth, fighting the pain in his body while pretending to be all right to stop him. …… I I suddenly.. Very tired I I'm going to sleep.. Don't come in.. Her voice trembled uncontrollably; she shook her head, trying to move the growing pain. I don't believe this damn reason! Don't try my patience. I want to see you right away, Innocent! His voice came more and more low and gloomy from the outside, Fang Wuxie's forehead was already sweating, clenching the curtain,x60 line pipe, all his thoughts gradually only under the pain, his voice gradually withdrew from her consciousness. It was as if a thousand insects were gnawing at her brain, and she wanted to die at once. Why does she have to suffer like this? She would rather die, she would rather die! A figure had already flashed in, and Fang Wuxie's shrimp-shaped, cold-sweating body was moved into a bosom. Innocent! Innocent! Innocent.. My innocence. Mu Changfeng encircled her tightly with a low call full of anxiety and pity. Her body was as cold and miserable as the last time he had found her in the yard. Damn! He should have known something was wrong, he should have suspected that something must have happened to her! She didn't look like she was sick, she looked like some kind of poison that had regular attacks. There was a flash in his eyes that was cold enough to freeze hell. Could it be. Fang Wuxie gasped for breath and struggled violently on his body. God! Her brain felt like it was going to explode. Mu Changfeng frowned and just wanted to point to her faint point, Fang Wuxie, who had been moving badly, suddenly stopped struggling as if he had been touched early. Like a sudden stop of the picture, uns s32750 sheet ,uns s31803 sheet, the atmosphere flows with a faint eerie. Mu Changfeng stared at Fang Wuxie, who was quiet and half pillowed in his arms. Her eyes were closed, as if she were suddenly asleep, but the strange blush on her face and the rising heat from her body made it impossible for him to ignore some imminent warning of danger. He gently moved her soft body, like touching the switch key, Fang Wuxie suddenly opened his eyes-a pair of cold eyes without a trace of emotion to face Mu Changfeng, and the air around him seemed to freeze because of those cold eyes. Innocent! Mu Changfeng was shocked by her eyes. As soon as his mind moved, his fingers quietly extended to her faint point. Suddenly, like a thunderbolt, Fang Wuxie turned over and jumped up in his arms with unimaginable speed. Mu Changfeng was stunned, but he didn't have time to catch her! In an instant, Fang Wuxie jumped out of the carriage.
Without letting himself hesitate any more, Mu Changfeng immediately jumped out of the carriage. Stop her! With the loud roar of Mu Changfeng, the four guards, who had been sitting in the distance, immediately jumped up at a very fast speed. Rao Fang Wuxie's skill was swift, and he was intercepted and surrounded by four people in a short time. Fang Wuxie, who was surrounded by the crowd, tried to break out of the tight encirclement with a dagger that she had just stolen from Mu Changfeng, and stabbed anyone who stopped her mercilessly. Except for Mu Changfeng, everyone was shocked and shocked by her seemingly crazy and unusual behavior. It was fine just now, but now it suddenly looks like a different person!? Mu Changfeng deceives the nearby party innocently, under the principle of not hurting her, he grabs the knife in her hand with his bare hands. Innocent, give me the knife! He spoke in a calm tone. A palm approached her wrist again. As if wearing a mask, Fang's innocent, cold and merciless expression was even colder after seeing Mu Changfeng's face. He deftly flashed his grasp, turned his hand over, and stabbed the dagger into his heart without mercy. Not wanting to waste any more time, Mu Changfeng turned around with a flash of light in his eyes. With lightning speed, he clapped off her dagger with one hand and touched her faint hole with the other. Fang Wuxie fell down softly and was hugged by Mu Changfeng. ※ ※ ※ Staring at her unconscious face, Mu Changfeng's eyes were absolutely cold and gloomy. Waking up in a gentle shaking, Fang Wuxie opened his eyes and immediately found a face that was looking at her intently. Mu Changfeng! "Wake up?" Her every move fell into his eyes. Stretching his eyebrows, which had just been deeply frowned, Mu Changfeng said in a gentle tone. Fang Wuxie twisted her eyebrows slightly and stared at him, remembering in her mind what had happened before-the python,347 stainless steel, the gentleness of his hair for her, the painting. Her illness, his insistence on breaking in. Why does her memory only end here? How long did she sleep.
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