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The world of online games (19th Dec 22 at 1:39am UTC)
The moment it fell into the fireworks. It suddenly hit hard, and suddenly a large flame rolled up like magma and rushed towards it. With a loud shout, I threw out at least dozens of magic amulets in my hands, combined with the five elements of Qi, and laid a thick barrier in front of me. "The sound is endless in the ear, the water spirit amulet as expected still can not resist the temperature of the fire, instantly was evaporated more than half.". And a few flames have penetrated the transparent "crystal barrier", flying towards me with high-speed strength and scorching temperature. I turned around in a hurry, twisted hard, and flew towards the passage I had just come. Now that I'm here, I'll come down and accompany my old man. Don't you understand the rules? An old voice sounded from the fire at his feet, and the flames suddenly jumped up, like a pillar of fire interwoven with fire. Completely blocked the direction of my progress. And behind me. The flames that had melted the barrier still came after them as if they had eyes. There is no space and opportunity for me to dodge. Shit! Not to mention losing Luocha Tian, I met such a big guy. Am I going to be buried in this fire today? No way! Absolutely not! I haven't seen Luo Hou yet! That guy can survive in purgatory for so long, and can escape, why don't I have a chance to survive?! Lao Tzu doesn't believe in this evil. At least I'm a disciple of yuanshi Tianzun. I have many artifacts in my hands. Even the God of hell should give me some face. yuan-Shen-Gui-Yi- I shouted, and at the same time I shone with three lights, one gold,classroom interactive whiteboard, one black and one purple. In an instant, my body seemed to suddenly become three, and then quickly overlapped together, and my blood volume and the value of the primordial spirit also rose in a straight line in an instant. This is the effect of my complete combination with Xiaohei and Xuanyuan Sword, and I also raised my hands to meet a strong pillar of fire close to me. A surge of energy came from the pillar of fire, and under the loud noise,smart boards for conference rooms, I couldn't help but be knocked out. The purple light flashed on my body, and Xiaohei and Xuanyuan Jian shared most of the impact for me, which made me stabilize my figure before I hit the stone wall. In front of us, the broken flames were torn apart by the collision of these two forces, turning into a rain of fire all over the sky and flying in all directions. Chapter 657 physically disabled and determined? Chapter 657 physically disabled and determined? "The little guy has some strength. For thousands of years, I haven't met my opponent for a long time." Under the rain of fire, a figure slowly emerged from the fire, which turned out to be a dragon in fire armor. Its appearance is very similar to Yaya's transformation into an immortal dragon, but it is different from the Xuanming cold water in Yaya's body, but the whole body emits a dazzling light of fire. To my surprise, the dragon had only one horn on top of its head. It was not a single horn like a unicorn, but two dragon horns, one of which was broken, electronic board for classroom ,touch screen whiteboard, and the fracture kept spraying out with red light. And under its belly, there was only half of one leg, which was hidden in the light of the fire. Still a disabled dragon? Brother is physically disabled and determined. In this case, he should have applied for retirement allowance long ago, but he still sticks to his post for thousands of years. I don't know if it's a subordinate of the Dragon God, but if that's the case, maybe our Yaya can come in handy. It's too hard to deal with such a B. The dragon slowly circled into the air, looking down, hiding in the cave, I suddenly felt the heat wave blowing on my face, which was more intense than before. After Luo Hou, you are the third guest to come here. First came a Raksha day, and then came you. Did you know that I was lonely here, so you sent me a few guests specially? The dragon looked straight at me and said with a smile, "But you don't look like an evil person. How can you fall into this pure hell?" It turned out that he was called robbery, but I didn't expect this guy to be so polite. In that case, maybe you don't have to fight! I raised my head, endured the blazing fire, and said in a loud voice, "I am entrusted by Guanyin to help Luocha Tiandu achieve positive results.".
I was brought here by mistake. If there is any offense, please forgive me. The dragon gave a sudden sneer and shouted, "Full of nonsense!"! How can you, a little ghost, be qualified to cross the Luocha Heaven? If you don't tell the truth today, you won't leave this pure hell! He Tian was wronged! Every word I say is true! As soon as my "sexual" primordial spirit shook, Xiaohei and Xuanyuan Sword split out of our body at the same time and became three identical me. I am a disciple of yuanshi Tianzun, and I have a combination of Xuanyuan Sword and Beastmaster. You say I'm not qualified to cross the sky of Luocha?! Hum! How dare you, a disabled dragon, look down on me. Even if you are good, I am not a fuel-efficient lamp! The close disciple of yuanshi Tianzun, with the ancient artifact and the beast king, is it enough? "Xuanyuan Sword?!" Suddenly his eyes lit up and he looked a little excited, but he hid it at once. Since you have Xuanyuan Sword and Beastmaster, you are qualified for this. But why should I believe that you came in with Luocha Tian? There are many people with this strength. Shit! What's wrong with this dragon's brain. Now Luochatian has almost cut off contact with me. How do I prove my relationship with her? A good way is to ask Luocha Tian directly, but now she can't even see anyone, where to ask! Since I can't communicate, my "sex" is broken. Believe it or not, I'm telling the truth. If you don't believe my answer, why ask me? "It's not that I don't believe it." He said, "it's just that people who can ent this pure hell are not good people.". It's not impossible for me to believe what you say. "Oh?"? What are you going to do? "Of course,86 smart board, ask Luocha Tian himself directly." The robber laughed and said, "She is in the fire now.". If you are willing to go down and pull her out, I will believe what you say. What? Want me to go into the fire.
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